July 12, 2020 10:00:00 AM Europe/Copenhagen
Stockport, UK (virtual event)

Marple Runners -V- Warrington Running Club Mob Match

Welcome to your Mob Match!

Use this page to Register for your team, Submit your time and keep an eye on the results so far.

You can register yourself into your match after the match draw on 29th June.

Your match begins on Saturday 4th July and you can register, run and submit your times from then up until 8p.m. on 12th July.

What now?

Encourage as many people from your team/club to enter your match, the more finishers you have, the higher your chances of winning.

Enter yourself to run for your team via the 'Register' option on this page 


Plot your route, then run your 5k

So that you can keep within social distancing rules, we only need you to record your ‘moving time’ - you can stop your watch if waiting to cross over roads or have to wait to pass people on the pavement -  there is no need to take any risks.

Keep a record of your runs – give your teammates a good incentive to get out for you or maybe stir up your oppostion by posting them on our Facebook page (see the links below) .

We will only ask for proof if your time is queried – Garmin, Map My Run, Strava or anything that shows your time, distance and elevation (if possible) will be fine. Be fair & reasonable on your choice of route – opting for a steep 5k downhill slope would be outside of the spirit of Mob Match

For the Race Pack select the link on the Mob Match Homepage: HERE

For the Facebook Mob Match pageHERE

Upload your time

There are two ways:-

  • Either through the "Self-Timing" option using the button on this page. You can do this from the day after you have registered for the event.  The link will send an email to your registered email address - check your spam folder if it doesn't arrive


  • email us at crazylegsevents@gmail.com and we'll update your time for you.



Select the ‘Results’ option to see the runners and times so far for this match. We’ll post updated Match Result on the Facebook event page on the Tuesday, Thursday and 2nd Saturday of each match to show which team is on the lead at that point.


  • Follow the current Government Covid-19 guidelines whilst running your 5k
  • Apply social distancing to stay clear/give priority to pedestrians and people using public spaces - remember, we only want your ‘moving’ time.
  • Once you’ve submitted a time, you can’t switch teams for the rest of the competition.
  • You must be a member of the team/club/group you are entering for – this can include Social members
  • Minimum age to enter 11 years – parent or guardian must assess the ability of the child and is responsible for their safety
  • Consider using an online route plotter to work out your route. We favour Plot-a-Route https://www.plotaroute.com/routeplanner– it’s very  simple to use (other planners are available)
  • Carefully select your route and consider elevations, distances, any access restrictions – you must only use Public Rights of Way, consider the effect of social distancing on your planned route (canal towpaths etc) and the period of time you will be exercising. Try to avoid popular running/walking routes or busy parks
  • Consider the weather on the day of your run and dress accordingly
  • If you are feeling unwell or have any medical conditions that could be affected by taking part in the challenge, wait until you are better before attempting the challenge.
  • As per your normal run/walks there is no first aid cover for this challenge. If you don’t normally do so, please consider informing someone of where you are going and to check in with them on your return. Also, if possible, carry an ICE (in case of emergency) card with your details.
  • The challenge is run under UKA rules which should be followed by all participants