2020 ITU Multisport World Championship Almere-Amsterdam - Open events

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Event dates:
September 5th Open Sprint Duathlon  (5k - 20k - 2.5k)
September 10th Junior Challenge   (0.38k - 18k - 4.2k)
September 10th  Business / Family-Relay  (3 times: 0.38k - 6k - 2k)
September 11th  Senior- / No-Limit Challenge
September 12th Long Distance Triathlon (3.8k - 180k - 42,195k)
September 12th Long Distance Triathlon TriTogether (3.8k - 180k - 42,195k with 3 team members)

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 – Used before July 1st 2020 – 100% refund

– Used between July 1st and August 23rd – 50% refund

– Used between August 24th and September 10th – 20% refund

– No refund possible after September 10th

* No changes in team members are permitted after September 6th 2020.
* Entries close on September 6th 2020 or when the maximum capacity is reached.


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