June 6, 2021 9:00:00 AM UTC
Dorking Rugby Club, Big Field, Kiln Lane, Brockham,Surrey, RH3 7LZ
10 mile & 10 km


(UK Athletics rules)

09.00 am & 09:40 am SUNDAY 6th JUNE 2021

Thank you for entering the 35th Dorking Ten & 2nd 'Dorking Cockerel' 10km Road Race. The event has been organised by Dorking & Mole Valley Athletics Club and incorporates the Surrey Championships Ten Mile Road Race. The undulating route loops through scenic countryside with one challenging hill to be conquered twice for the 10 mile race and once for the 10K.



All race numbers are to be collected on the day from Race HQ.



To be held on Sunday 6th June 2021. The assembly point for the start is on Brockham Green which is approx 1000 metres from the race HQ and car parking. Runners should make their way to the start at least 20 minutes beforehand and stay on the Green until requested to step into the Starting Funnel for the start of the race. The 10 mile race will set off at 09:00 a.m. and the 10km race at 09:40 a.m.



The Race Headquarters is the 'Big Field', Dorking Rugby Club, Kiln Lane, Brockham, RH3 7JR. Most travelling by car will use the A25 Dorking/Reigate Road, including those having to use the M25 motorway who should turn off at Leatherhead (Junction 9) or Reigate Hill (Junction 8). Brockham Lane is approximately one mile east of Dorking Town Centre. Motor vehicles must not be parked in the road, but on the 'Big Field' off Brockham Lane. Access to Brockham Lane from the South along Middle Street may be closed during May and June 2020 due to water main replacement works.  Please access Brockham Lane from the A25 from the North or from Kiln Lane from the East.  Note : There is NO PARKING for competitors at the Rugby Club carpark. All competitor parking is accessed from Brockham Lane. Please park neatly and tightly, as instructed. Please do not use the car park by the race headquarters which is for sole use of the race officials (unless directed to do so by the parking marshals). Vehicles must be kept off the football pitches. In addition, parking is not permitted on Brockham Green for safety reasons.



All competitors must be 17 years of age on the day of the 10 mile race to compete (or 16 years of age for the 10km race). The waterproof number and must be worn on the front of your vest. The timing chip is an integral part of the race number.  Please treat it with care.  All numbers with integral chips are to be collected on the day from Race HQ.  Race numbers will be handed out in alphabetical order using surnames.  Please join the appropriate queue in the HQ building to retrieve your race number. No registration for team entries is required but must comprise same sex, with first four home to count of runners entered on or prior to race day. Wheelchair competitors will be started 5 minutes earlier at around 08.55/09:35 for safety reasons.



Ample changing, toilet facilities and hot showers for both male and female competitors. Valuables and baggage may be left in the baggage tent (at your own risk). Be ready and changed by 08.40/09:20 am, and assemble on Brockham Green. Warnings will be given by the commentator 10 and 5 minutes before the race. Toilets are available in the Village Hall next to the Start as well as in race HQ (and there are shorter queues for the toilets by the Green!) and hot showers may be available for both male and female competitors depending on building works within the Rugby Club clubhouse.



As it is your responsibility to follow instructions from the marshals and race officials and not to put yourself or fellow runners at risk, use of MP3 players, iPODS and similar devices is not allowed for safety reasons.  Anyone seen to be wearing ear/head phones including bone conducting headphones will be disqualified.



Ten Mile race: A pace car will lead the runners around the 10 mile route and warn other road users a race is in progress. The course has been accurately measured at ten miles - Certificate of Course accuracy number SEAA 15/249. The race is a circular route consisting of a small inner loop and a larger outer loop. At the 3 & 1/3 mile point, at the junction of Snower Hill and Wellhouse Road, any runner not making the 40 minute cut-off time will be directed to continue towards the finish (9km).

10km race: the 10km runners will be led out by a cyclist until the runners meet the main race, at which point they will follow the 10 mile runners around the same route. The course consists of a single circular route which is the outer loop of the 10 mile road race route and has a Certificate of Course accuracy number SEAA 17/382.

All junctions will be marshalled, with accurate mile and km markers along the routes. The three water stations are at 2.5 (4km), 5.5 and 8.3 miles. (The 10km race misses the 5.5 mile water station but passes the 3rd one at the Dolphin Inn at 6.4Km). An ambulance and/or motorcycle paramedic will be stationed on the race route to ensure that medical cover can reach any runner reported to need assistance as quickly and efficiently as possible. A sweep bicycle will accompany the last runner around the route.

Please accept instructions given by the Marshals who have a difficult job with roads open to traffic. PLEASE TAKE CARE - keep well to the left at all times and be extremely careful on blind bends. The finish is on the ‘Big Field', just over 200m after runners enter from Kiln Lane, with the final run-in to the finishing arch heading towards Race HQ building. Your time will be recorded as you cross the line. Please continue running and move into and away from the funnel as quickly as possible. Drinks will again be available immediately after the finish line. Please note that dogs or wheeled carriages are banned from the race but racing wheelchairs are permitted. Runners must NOT be accompanied or followed by others on cycles (with the exception of the official race sweep) or any kind of motorised vehicle.

Please note that there may be a single timing mat shortly after entering the final 200M on the field.  This is NOT the finish line!  It is a check timing mat.  The finish line is a FINISH arch followed by a double timing mat and will be very obvious!



Prizes will be given to all qualifying runners. Special prizes awarded to the first three men and first three females to finish in both races. There will be no distinction between seniors and veterans for the main prizes. However, small trophies will be presented to both men and women the following categories for the Ten Mile Race.

1st/2nd/3rd runner in age groups 16-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69 and 1st over 70

In addition, there will be team prizes for the first three men’s teams and first three ladies’ teams to finish, first four in each team to count. For the 10K race, age group prizes will be awarded proportionally to the number of runners entered. The special prizes are presented on the day commencing approx. 11.15 am in front of the Pavilion, all the other prizes must be collected in person from the Medal Table next to the results lists. Trophies are  restricted to one per competitor.


A full set of results will be published and available to competitors. Results will be available on the Race Timing Solutions website and via www.dmvac.org.uk within 24 hours. UK Masters and Surrey Championship race results will be dealt with separately.



A full refreshment service is provided before and after the race (in the Event Village).



The weather at the beginning of June is usually hot and humid and we offer the following basic advice: don’t drink alcohol for at least 24 hours beforehand, take on water or preferably a electrolytic fluid or sports drink in small quantities at regular intervals before, during and after the race AND don’t wait until you feel thirsty – keep hydrated. More detailed advice can be found on running websites. E.g. https://www.realbuzz.com/articles-interests/nutrition/article/10-must-know-hydration-tips/