March 31, 2018 10:00:00 AM Europe/London
Cliff Lakes Watersports B78 2DL
Sat 9/18/36 km, Sun 8/16/24


Racers can run up to four timed 9km laps = 36km. Each race has 4 categories - M/F: U40/O40
Your time at 9km is for the Community League Trophies and Euro Champs qualification
Your time at 18km is for the Ram Run Trophies and Euro Champs qualification
Your time at 36km is for personal glory and the 36km Ultra Ram Run medal

Fun Runners - Run one or two 9km laps for the Ram Run medal (choose distance on raceday)


Saturday 36km racers run for three 8km laps = 24km for the 60km Ultra Ram Run medal
Fun Runners - Run one or two 8km laps for the Ram Run medal
Fun Runners 36km challenge – run two laps each day plus run the Obstacle Arena one more time at the end of Sundays run to win the 36km Ultra Ram Run medal
Wild Lambs and Rampagers



- Racers Saturday 9/18km only - £35
- Racers Saturday 36 + Sunday 24 - 60km Combo - £50
- Fun runners Saturday 9/18km only £30
- Fun runners Saturday 9/18km + Sunday 8/16km £40
- Fun runners Sunday 8/16km only £30
- Wild Lambs and Rampagers £14

Please be aware that transaction fee will be added to the total ticket price.

2017 and 2018 Ram Runners PLEASE NOTE

If you run the longer distance on three consecutive Ram Run days you can win the Ultra Ram Runners medal.
Run all 4 Ram Run 2018 days and win the Tee shirt as well




  • We have had some real (and stupid) problems with our new style RamBags and our new RamBuffs
  • We will not have these in time for Ultra Ram March 31st

GOOD NEWS (at least for you!)

  • As compensation, at 3 times the cost!, you can have one of our superb Scimitar OCR Community League high tech tee shirts or vests and if you sing up for Summer Ram Run July 22 you can look forward to getting new RamBag and RamBuff
  • Great chance for those of you who missed Early Bird entry - you can still get your tshirt!
  • If you’ve registered before February 1st (Early Bird entry) - you get 2 t-shirts!
  • Please email your size and Tee or Vest preference to tereza@ramrun.co.uk