July 21, 2018 10:00:00 AM British Summer Time
Cliff Lakes Watersports B78 2DL

Without our Marshals there would be no Ram Run! Become part of the Ram Run Marshals group

Register to marshal October 7 2017 and at the two 2018 Ram Run races.

It involves around 4-6 hours of great fun and some great benefits

At Iron Ram and the Summer Ram Run - July 21st and 22nd

  1. marshal Iron Ram Saturday and run Sunday
  2. marshal Iron Ram and run in the marshals group after Iron Ram Finals
  3. compete Iron Ram Saturday and marshal Ram Run Sunday
  4. non running marshal - can nominate a runner
  5. non running marshal - we offer you the current RamRun marshals hoodie

Marshals take one of our packed lunches

Marshals free races - any race distance and run as racer or funrunner - your choice

Marshals who commit to both weekends are lucky bunnies and get another 2018 RamBag (makes a nice present to your partner if you already have one from your own race entry)