October 7, 2017 8:00:00 AM British Summer Time
Cliff Lakes Watersports B78 2DL

Without our Marshals there would be no Ram Run! Become part of the Ram Run Marshals group

Register to marshal October 7 2017 and at the two 2018 Ram Run races.

It involves around 4-6 hours of great fun and some great benefits

At the Autumn Ram Run – October 7th 2017
1 marshal the 16km (2 lap race distance), run with marshals group and have a RamRun Marshals hoodie
2 marshal all 3 laps and have free race in 2018 if you cannot take both of the two 2018 offers

Marshals take one of our packed lunches

Marshals free races - any race distance and run as racer or funrunner - your choice