Tórshavn Marathon 2016

June 4, 2016 2:00:00 PM Atlantic/Faeroe
Tórshavn, Vaglið


Entry fees are as follows:


Before 22nd April

22nd April – 28th May

29th May – 3rd June


DKK 500

DKK 550

DKK 600

Half Marathon

DKK 250

DKK 300

DKK 350

Walk-half Marathon

DKK 250

DKK 250

DKK 300


Gangi ½ maraton 250 kr. Harav fara 100 kr. beinleiðis til Krabbameinsfelagið.

New: In collaboration with the Cancer Research Campaign, it is now possible to walk ½ marathon. Price DKK 250.

Nýtt: Aftur í ár er møguligt at ganga ½ marathon. Hetta er í samstarvi við Krabbameinsfelagið. Kostnaðurin er 250 kr. Harav fara 100 kr beinleiðis til Krabbameinafelagið. Tey sum ganga, eru á somu rutu sum rennarar, men ganga ikki fyrstu runduna runt í býnum. Tey byrja á Vaglinum og so beinleiðis fram við Strond, Hvítanesvegin og inneftir Kaldbaksfirði. Sama veg heimaftur.

Online registration closes at 2nd June.

Online registration requires credit card payment. Registration will only go through if the registration fee is paid.

The Start Package contains:
– Race number, chip and safety pins
– bag for changing clothes 
Registration and delivery of start number  is taking place at the Bragdið stand at the Shopping Centre SMS in Tórshavn. This is on friday 3rd june, from 10:00 to 18:00 or on saturday in the starting area, from 12:15 to 13:00.

The Marathon and Half marathon races: participants have to be at least 16 years old by the beginning of the year. If a participant is younger than 18 year acceptance from parents or guardian is necessary.

Marathon Time limit is 6 hours.

Every one participating in Marathon or Half marathon has to accept this:
With my registration I declare that with my participation in this event is solely my own responsibility, and that no responsibility what so ever can be placed with the organiser or the sponsors. I declare that I’m healthy and physically fit to participate in the race. I confirm that the stated year of birth is correct, and that I can’t give my start number to any other person. If I’m unable to participate in the race or in the event of some force major I don’t have the right to a refund of the entry fee.


All courses are measured in accordance with the DAF regulations.

All courses start and finish at the City Center (Vaglið ) in Tórshavn.

Course MapFor all courses click here


Course  record:
Female: Rigmor N. Arge: 3:16:21 year 2006
Male: Cecil W: 2.49.06, year 2004

There will be refreshment stations for every 5 kms in the Marathon and Half marathon. The stations will offer water, sport drinks and fruit. There will also be water, softdrinks and fruit in the finish area. First aid will be available on the course and at the finish area.


All finishers in Marathon and Half marathon will get a finishers medal. Medals will also be given to no. 1, 2 and 3 runners (men and women) in the Marathon and Half marathon race. Flight tickets from Flog.fo will be awarded to the no. 1 finishers in the women’s and men’s Marathon and new records on the Marathon course for both men and women will release an award in cash, 3.000 dkk.



The race results for Marathon and Half marathon runners will be available on this website as soon as possible after the run.