June 18, 2020 11:59:00 PM Europe/Copenhagen
Stockport, UK (virtual event)

Virtual Mob Match Competition - Club/Team Level Entry

Every runner counts in this virtual competition which consists of a series of matches between two clubs or groups over several rounds.  Each runner completes 5km in each round.

Club, Group or Team Level Entry Open;

UNTIL:    Sunday 14th June @ 11:59p.m.

What is it?              

A match between 2 teams over a set distance of 5km where every person who finishes counts towards their team’s score. Every runner can make a difference just by finishing. 

Who can enter?

Any club or group can enter a team.  They can either be established (e.g. UKA affiliated clubs or running groups) or could just be an unaffiliated group of friends.

As the number of entries can sway the results, we have 3 bands, each with their own competition:

  • Band 1, for clubs/groups with 180 or more first claim members
  • Band 2, for clubs/groups with 50 to 179 first claim members
  • Band 3, for clubs/groups with less than 50 first claim members & unaffiliated teams

The number of matches played depends on the number of teams entered for each band. We will work on a maximum of 16 and minimum of 2 teams per band. 16 teams would mean 4 rounds of knockout matches.  There will be a cup competition and a plate competition for clubs/groups defeated in the first round so each club/team will have a minimum of two matches.

How Does It Work?

We set a date range window of approx. 10 days for the matches to be held in, all matches in a round take place within the same date window

We put all the entered team names into a draw to assign teams to their matches. 

We send out a match link for runners to enter the match, submit their times and view the leader board.  You can have multiple attemps but you must update your time before the end of the the date range window .

We will update the leader boards regularly during each match window. 

You can see the process in simple form here:

How Do I Enter My Club or Group?

One person enters for the Club/group/Team, paying a one-off entry fee of £25 (plus booking fees). This covers everybody who runs for them during the duration of the competition. 
Once all the the Clubs/groups/Teams have been entered, runners will be able to enter their match at no charge, selecting their Club/Group/Team from the list on the entry screen. 
You can enter in one team per band but you can’t switch teams within that band once you have competed in it. You must be registered to submit your times.  


Your score is based on the total number of finishers in the race. When there are 10 finishers and 6 are in Team A and 4 are in Team B, first-place position scores 10, second place scores 9 etc. All the points are added up per team, the team with the most points wins the match

There's an example of the scoring in the information sheet here - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QQTAivcj_mPY0zIl5I0htlCr5B6yWtkp/view?usp=sharing