September 28, 2017 4:00:00 PM British Summer Time
Hyde Park, London
Distance: 5 & 10K

Vigilance Dashain Dash, Order of Events:

1600 Participant Marshalling (Event HQ, Hyde Park Corner Bandstand)
1645 Participant Address
1650 Pre-race Warm Ups
1700 Event Start
1800 Event Finish & Clear Up.

Housekeeping points:

■ Fresh drinking water available at 5km drinks station all other drink/food needs for own attention.

■ All participants running of own volition, entirely at our own risk per disclaimer.

■ Please beware other park users / obstacles / animals, remembering that your race time is important but it's more important that you and others safely enjoy this beautiful green space.

■ Nominated sports first aiders will be attending and a first aid kit will be located at Race HQ.

■ Facilities in Hyde Park are limited, and do not extend to changing or showering facilities. Turn up ready to run, and prepared to bask in the warm but unwashed afterglow of a job well done.

■ Limited bag storage is catered for at the Race HQ tent, which will be supervised at all times. But please be aware that any items (one small bag per participant) are left at entirely the owner's risk.

■ Lavatories are available in Hyde Park at a cost of 20p; registered participants may enjoy one free post-race 20 pee which will be available on receipt of their race goodie bag!