Bay Ridge Endurance Run

October 7, 2017 10:00:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time
Lake Chabot Marina, CA
100k, 50mile, Marathon


Bay Ridge Endurance Run stand on the shoulders of giants. This race inherits the grand legacy of the Dick Collins Firetrails 50, following the classic 50 mile course and adding to it a signature 100k race and a new out-and-back marathon. Bay Ridge is a new event on the traditional date and we still run in Dick’s memory and respect both the traditions and records of the Dick Collins Firetrails 50.

We are proud to say that Bay Ridge Endurance Run is a USATF sanctioned event. It consists of three races: Bay Ridge 100k, Dick Collins 50 mile, and L’Petit Dick Collins Marathon.

The Courses

For those not familiar with Dick Collins Firetrails 50, the course is an out-and-back course; mostly along the legendary East Bay Skyline National Trail; fireroads and single-track with gorgeous views of San Francisco and Mt. Diablo. An altitude profile of 7,800ft makes this race challenging but very runnable. Three miles of pavement. Be prepared for any condition. Can be hot, perfect, or cold and raining. As was said of the race in years past, “previous years race week has included the following: fire, earthquake, flood, and stock market crash.”

The Bay Ridge 100k uses the Dick Collins Firetrails course and adds to it an out-and-back along the Nimitz trail where you will have views into the San Pablo Bay. The course travels down the Conlon Trail to Alvarado staging area. The altitude profile for the 100k is just under 10,000 ft, meaning we should have a FAST race!

The new ‘L’Petit Dick Collins’ Marathon is an out-and-back from Lake Chabot to a turn around below Skyline Gate, following a course popular to local runners and often run during our Epiphany Run fat ass each January.

Starting Time, Time Limits, Changing Distances

The 100k starts at 5 am. The 50 mile starts at 6. The Marathon starts at 8. Time limits are:

100k (5am start)  = 17 hours
50 mile (6am start) = 16 hours (NEW! Please read about early starts)
Marathon (8am start) = 10 hours

Cutoffs for the different races are firm because of our permits and the general curfew in the East Bay Regional Parks. We have changed the Dick Collins 50 Mile time limit and cutoffs to match the Bay Ridge 100k. This means you have more time to finish. However, all cutoffs are firm and you will be removed from the course if you miss them. Early starts are available for the Marathon. Time constraints for the 100k are firm as the race starts at and concludes in the time that the parks are legally open.

Changing distances will not be allowed during the race. If you start in the 100k, you will not be allowed to ‘drop down’ to a shorter distance during the race and receive an official finish. If you wish to change distances, you must do so before the start.

Schwag and Awards

100k runners have the chance to earn the Bay Ridge Rhino buckle along with shirt and our signature finisher wood-allions. 50 milers and marathoner receive shirts, wine glasses, and wood-allions. Age Group awards are 3-deep for the 100k and 50miler and first place by group for the Marathon.

Aid Stations, Crew Access, Pacers…and Bathrooms

Complete detail on the location and spacing of the Aid Stations is to come ASAP but for information purposes, know that they are 3-4.5 miles apart. Crew has access to many of these stations. For the 50 mile and 100k pacers will be allowed from Steam Trains and Skyline Gate on the return route only.

For some reason, we’ve already gotten a lot of questions about bathrooms on course. Way to be prepared people. There are bathrooms irregularly through the course, at about miles 12, 15, 18, 21, etc. They’re out there, so no need to pack your Depends Ultra’s.

Why We Run

In memory of Dick Collins, your registration fee contains a donation of $5.00 to the Regional Parks Foundation.